Rust Removal & Rustproofing

Pre-Beach Rustproofing $100

This process is where we use cottonseed oil to spray the underneath of your vehicle BEFORE you head down the beach for some fun in the sun. This spray lasts up to 6 months.

Tectyl Underbody Rustproofing Small Car $550

Here we use a Heavy Duty Rust Preventative called Tectyl to spray the underneath of your vehicle. Tectyl is excellent for long term (up to 5 years) protection of metallic surfaces against corrosion.

Tectly Underbody Rustproofing Large (4WD)$800

We use the same Tectyl product as above, its just a bit dearer as we have to use more of it for your larger vehicle.

Tectly Full Cover Rustproofing $2000

This is a very complex and time consuming process where your vehicle will be sprayed both underneath and inside your vehicle. Your vehicle will be "emptied" leaving all the exposed inards of your vehicle, it is then sprayed with Valvolone Tectyl (a special formula for the inside of your vehicle). Your vehicle will then be reassembled as it were before.

The underbody of your vehicle will be sprayed with our Heavy Duty Rust Preventative designed for your undercarriage.

Rust Removal

You will need to bring your vehicle into our workshop and have your vehicle inspected, our inspection fee is charged at $55, which a portion will be subsidised 50% should you choose to carry on with the quote after inspection. Our quotes are valid for 7 days.

Prices are subject to GST and may change without prior notice, please confirm cost at enquiry/booking.